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Postdoctoral researcher

Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias​

Research Interests 

Some of my main scientific interests are

* Mock catalogs.  Novel methods for fast generation of mock catalogs

* Galaxy clustering. Estimators. Models

* Galaxy properties in cosmological environments. Marked statistics.

* Galaxy scaling relations. HOD.

* Galaxy clusters: clustering,  scaling relations.

*  Astrophysical content of information in the large scale structure of the Universe.


* COSMICATLAS: Cosmological catalogues for Large scale structure. Ambitious

project aiming at producing mock catalogues for the forthcoming galaxy surveys

(such as DESI  and Euclid), based on the Bias Assignment method.

* I participate in the mock construction of the JPAS experiment

* Covariance matrix comparison projects for DESI and Euclid

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